Hello everyone. My name is Matt Montagne and my name is Lorna Costantini and we are the moderators of the Parents as Partners Webcast at We are using this wiki space as a part of our k12online presentation.

continuation of the discussion in this blog post about teachers frustrations around using web 2.0 tools in the classroom. I felt that a wiki would provide a user friendly space to share a voice thread, podcasts and videos on the subject. It makes sense to use Web 2.0 tools to illustrate the effectiveness in collaboration and communication. I hope that teachers and parents will share their ideas, ask questions and offer solutions for using web 2.0 tools in the classroom and in their day to day interactions. A voice thread was started at You are welcome to leave comments there as well. Please register with this wiki and add your models of best practices. Blog posts, videos, podcasts, wikis, lesson plans, newsletters, books and what ever you think will help.

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Matt's letter to parents;
I will start first with his letter to parent describing the use of blogs with his students.
It starts like this:
Dear Parents-
It has been great to see such an active interest in our 5th grade students this year in blogging. Blogging has the potential to teach and foster a wide range of writing skills and of course it gives us the opportunity to have meaningful conversations with our children about what it means to be a good digital citizen. Clearly many students seem to be quite motivated to write on their blogs and I think this is absolutely wonderful! Read more :-

Next his online parent study group online. Study group session in which I participated. I was in St. Catharines and the study group was in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Ustream presentation with Anne Reed. Anne, joined paremts at the Mequon Public Library to talk about her transformation from that of a Web 2.0 skeptic to that of an active blogger and user of social network tools in her career as an attorney.

Here is the Ustream presentation with Anne Reed.

Parents as Partners Podcasts Sharon Peters well known as one of the hosts on WOW2.0 at edtechtalk talks about why parents should let their children learn on the Internet and with social networking tools.